iStock_000018278455MediumCloud software and online collaboration is the future of information technology. The powerful collaboration features of office platforms like Google Docs unlock huge productivity benefits in modern enterprises, allowing employees to easily work together simultaneously. They can work from home, from any device (BYOD), or ‘on the road’. Increasingly professionals are using these tools in their personal lives. Many of them have also used them in their past while attending universities and colleges – more and more of which are moving their student and staff bodies onto the Google Apps platform.

However, we believe there is a roadblock preventing many enterprises from making the leap to the cloud – their valid concerns around the privacy and security of their data. Storing your documents and other files in Google Drive means the possibility of malicious access if there is a breach of the cloud servers, or the possibility of a subpoena or other intervention from the authorities of whichever country the cloud servers are hosted in, causing your private information being turned over to third parties.

What is needed is protection of your sensitive data, before it arrives on the cloud. This protection has traditionally taken the form of encryption, but most current encryption solutions are clunky, add extra workflow, and generally make using an application so off-putting many just won’t bother. Adding security with encryption must be seamless, and it must not impact on an application’s core features. For Google Apps, a security solution must still allow the real-time collaboration that has so many benefits to productivity and is driving mass adoption of cloud technology.


Value Creation

If such a solution existed, it would create huge value for enterprises, for their employees and for the cloud service providers themselves.


Decreased IT Costs

By adopting a cloud solution enterprises can realize large savings in the costs of building and maintaining internal solutions.

Compliance Demands Met

CipherApps provides a simple turnkey solution that immediately ensures the customer can be compliant with the regulations of their industry, ‘ticking a box’ for them.

Increased Productivity

The technology of the underlying platform,  increases employee productivity with easier collaboration, easier sharing of files and documents, and easy-to-use editing tools.

Security and Privacy

Some end users are concerned about trusting their data to a cloud service provider, and rightfully so in the light of recent revelations about the actions of the NSA/GCHQ. Many providers are concerned about their image and are now eager to be able to brand themselves as offering secure and private solutions.

More Customers

Many companies would love to adopt a cloud solution, but compliance and security concerns have tied their hands. CipherApps will break down these barriers and connect the provider and potential customer.

Avoid Bad Press

An embarrassing data breach, news of subpoenas and backdoors and other security stories can be devastating to a company in this harsh light. CipherApps offers a solution, a way to avoid getting into these embarrassing situations altogether.

Adoption of Cloud

By obviating security concerns, CipherApps will enable a surge of adoption of cloud technology.

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