CipherApps provides a seamless encryption solution for Cloud documents that secures real-time collaboration

We have developed a cloud security gateway which acts as a barrier on the edge of your organisation’s corporate network. As employees use cloud applications like Google Docs, the data they create is encrypted as it passes through our gateway. No information leaves the organisation without being protected, and this means that there is no plain, readable information stored on the cloud. As users open documents and files stored on the server, these files are decrypted as they pass through our gateway.

The end result is that the powerful security layer that CipherApps applies is completely invisible to the end user. There is no change to their experience, no new workflow, no loss of the collaboration features that make cloud software so attractive in the first place. This solves one of the major issues with existing security solutions, ease of use – as far as your employees are concerned, CipherApps is invisible!



Your organisation controls the keys which protect each document. Each document has its own separate key which is automatically made available to users as they share documents between each other. This also allows for an additional level of control on top of the Google Apps by blocking access to certain users for policy reasons, or not giving access to individuals outside the organisation without approval.


The initial CipherApps solution will be provided for Google Apps, protecting the key online collaboration present in the Google Docs Documents and Sheets file types.

Key Features

Preserves Collaboration

CipherApps allows multiple people to securely collaborate on a document, each of the individual changes they make are secured before they reach the cloud, and made viewable to other collaborators after they’ve entered the safety of your organisation’s network. CipherApps keeps their work private.


There is no software to install on your desktop or laptop, there is no extra interaction on top of the underlying cloud software, no extra passwords to enter, no need to use a particular browser or OS, and the solution can work both inside and outside your corporate network, supporting mobile employees.

Multiple Deployment Optionsillustration [Converted]

  • On-premise

    • To give your business total control over your documents, we will deploy our gateway on-site and offer a hassle-free installation and training service. No sensitive information is handled by us and all your keys for accessing your documents are owned and controlled by you.

  • CipherApps Managed

    • If you would rather not have our gateway deployed in your network, or you just want a hassle-free solution with no local footprint, we will host the security gateway on your behalf. You will have full control over user and key administration via an online administration panel. You will be able to enjoy the protection of CipherApps that enables you to make the most from the cloud, with no extra infrastructure in your organisation – perfect for startups and smaller businesses!

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